Guided Meditations


To further assist you in your individual journey, I have written and produced a variety of meditational CD’s combining my voice with soothing music to assist you in achieving a greater sense of inner peace. Each CD can be shipped directly to you, or you have the option of downloading MP3 files, for your immediate use.

Note: MP3 files can be used in a variety of playback formats. However, to use them on Apple portable devices, you will first need to save the file onto your computer and then, open iTunes, choose File > Add to Library, locate the file you saved and click Open. Your MP3 file will now be in ITunes format and available to sync to all your devices.

To enjoy a free Guided Mediation “Stones and Crystals”, simply follow these instructions:

Click on the “Balance & Ground” CD below, check the box for Track 1 > Add to Cart > View Cart, enter the Coupon Code “Test Drive” > Proceed to Checkout.