Mediumship Session

As a medium, I communicate directly with the spirit of the deceased. A mediumship session allows you to understand the truth about death. It isn’t the end. It is just a transition to a different state of being.

What to expect

I am known as a “true medium” or “evidential medium,” which means I speak directly with your deceased loved ones, not through an intermediary or middleman. I ask the spirits to provide evidence — something only you would know — to clearly establish their identity before I convey their messages to you. Sometimes, the spirit of a deceased love one comes through, and other times, a roomful of deceased loved ones may show up. I am adept at managing the spiritual traffic. You will receive information you most need to hear, and the spirits that come through will be those who have a message to share with you. Spirits often bring messages of love, comfort, healing and closure. They may alert you to a problem you need to address or provide advice about an issue that concerns you. It is my honor to help you experience that our souls are eternal, and those we’ve loved and lost are still there for us.


“My oldest son passed away at age 37. Carol was able to share messages from him that he was at peace and most importantly to me……that he was still able to share his light and love from the great beyond. Just knowing that he is ok allowed me to begin healing. . There are truly no sufficient words for me to express my gratitude for this gift from Carol. I thank you with all of my heart.” – Gayle B., Minnetonka, MN

“I met Carol in 2005. I am a Christian with a very strong belief in Jesus Christ. I am a very sensitive and intuitive person by nature. I was drawn to Carol’s energy out of “nowhere”. I asked her if she could do a reading for me. I knew at that time “Carol is for real”. I have kept in touch with Carol from then until now.” – Patricia W., Colorado

“I have been seeing Carol at least once or twice a year since about 2007 when my father and step mother crossed over. She has helped me personally by being able to deliver very real and specific messages for me from my father after his death. Those messages from my dad (and Carol) helped me greatly with my grief and my unanswered questions about his passing and his life after death. I find Carol to be such a blessing and a credible, genuine person.!” – Deb C., Excelsior, MN

“Carol helped heal my heart by connecting me with the spirits of my late sister and mother when my grief was still raw. Now, visits with deceased family members through Carol are joyful and instructive. It feels like getting together to chat over coffee at Mom’s kitchen table.” – Joan N., St. Paul, Minnesota

“Shortly after my husband passed away very unexpectedly, I was overwhelmed with the need for closure…to know if he was in a good place was he watching over us, etc and I went to Carol Lowell to try to connect with him. The entire experience was comforting and even humorous as he made some jokes through sign language but, it was only jokes that I would understand. I’m so grateful that Carol uses her special gifts to help others with real information” – Vicki C., Minnetonka, Minnesota

“In a medium session, my brother came through to apologize for his bad behavior and the way he treated me while he was alive. I felt a peace after the medium session with Carol and my brother saying how sorry he was. I told him that I loved him and wished him well. It was an awesome session.” – Jim T., Golden Valley, MN

“I went to see Carol for a Medium Session, as I was stuck at a place in my life due to the loss of my mother and couldn’t seem to move past all of the unanswered questions, decisions, and regrets that were consuming me. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable. She talked about things that no one else would ever have known but my mom and me. I left the session feeling a peace that I never thought I would feel again and I had resolution. This was the turning point in my life that gave me the ability and strength to heal and to move forward. Thank you Carol for the gift you gave me, I will cherish it always.” – Leann C., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I have met many mediums over the years, but I have been most impressed with Carol. She is a genuinely caring individual and her readings are extremely accurate and helpful. Everyone I have referred to her has also had wonderful experiences. I can’t thank her enough for helping so many of my friends and family understand life on the other side and provide them with the information they need to hear from their departed loved ones. She consistently brings all of us peace and comfort as we continue on our own spiritual journey.” – Kim N., West Allis, WI

Mediumship – Gallery

I offer mediumship services in a gallery (group) setting. This is a great way to gather family and friends together for an enlightening house party. Each guest receives a channeled message from a loved one that has passed on. While I cannot ensure communication with specific individuals, my abilities often provide participants with valuable, and sometimes surprising, insight into the spiritual realm. For instance, I may receive information from a participant’s guides or angels, and I will explore the role they may play in the person’s life. Information will also be provided to assist those wishing to schedule private appointments, with me, for more in-depth spiritual exploration.


“I attended a group event led by Carol and will forever be changed by it. She has an amazing gift of communicating with spirits that solidified my belief in afterlife.” – Lucie, Santa Monica, CA

“I have been to Carol’s mediumship group readings and found it fascinating. Carol can connect to the spirit world and relay messages from people’s loved ones who have passed over. The information she conveyed to the audience that evening was confirmed accurate and very detailed. I highly recommend anyone curious or interested to attend one of Carol’s group readings, a genuine experience to realize we don’t die, only transition to another dimension.” – Julie S., Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you so much for your gallery event at ——‘s house. That was such a special night for all of us girls! I will hold it in my heart forever. You were such an open and sensitive interpreter. I will never forget how you channeled my recently passed grandmother. I knew it was really her, you were mimicking her facial expressions exactly! It was such a wonderful and healing experience. You also revealed my spirit guide in the same reading, explaining how he’s been trying to calm me down for years. You gave me the tools to see these signs, and because of that I truly feel that I am back on the right path in my life.” – Michelle M., Los Angeles, CA

“Carol is always professional yet lends enjoyment/ease to her classes, personal clients and most recently galleries. I attended a gallery lately, bringing a few friends and my daughter. At least 20 people were there, and Carol read everyone there, with a cool, easy delivery, and very, very, accurate! We would all go again, it was that fun!” – Kay E., Richfield, MN

Property Energy Balancing

The energy vibration in a location or space, whether it is residential, retail, rental or commercial, can become out of balance due to a variety of circumstances that may have occurred there previously. These events, such as a death, illness, or something else resulting in strong mental or emotional anxiety can create negative energy that can remain, sometimes for years. This negative energy can often be felt in various ways by individuals entering or occupying the space. They may experience a sudden onset of unexplained emotions or have odd or uncomfortable feelings without knowing why. Energy balancing is designed to clear the negativity associated with the past. This removes any reservations someone may have about a specific location. Often, those associated with selling or moving into a new home or office, have used energy clearing and balancing to improve the intrinsic characteristics of the space.

*Cost estimates will be provided for properties located outside the Minneapolis and Laguna Niguel metro areas and for office buildings and spaces larger than 5,000 square feet.

“A house I was trying to sell sat on the market unsold for months. It sold shortly after Carol cleared it. At the estate sale, a customer, who was psychic, said, “Wow. What did you do to this place? I’m really sensitive to energy and the energy in this house is clear as a bell!”” – Joan N., St. Paul, MN

“I asked Carol to clear my late mother’s house, which we were having trouble selling. Carol discovered that my grandfather’s ghost had been living there for more than 50 years, afraid to cross over. Carol brought in angels and my grandmother’s spirit to counsel him, and he rejoined his family on the other side. After that, the house sold promptly.” – Marie H., St. Paul, MN

“Because I am very sensitive and intuitive by nature, I feel, sense, and just know when an unfavorable presence is around me and/or in my surroundings by way of my holistic imbalance of peace, heart, mind, and soul. I felt a “presence” in my home. I live in Colorado. I called Carol in Minnesota. The first thing Carol said was: “you are not crazy”; she knew. Every part of my life that Carol has touched, has meant healing of myself and/or of entities needing guidance to the right place. Because I believe and have witnessed Carol restoring peace, tranquility, and holistic stability with the help of God, it has been beneficial in reaching out to Carol for help in turbulent seasons of this nature.” – Patricia W., Denver, CO

Psychic Consultation

A psychic reading can bring clarity and insights to many areas of your life, from career, health and relationships to your life purpose. It can also provide insight concerning your present, future, past-lives, karma and soul goals.

What to expect

During a psychic reading, I ask your soul, angels and spirit guides to relay information through me. I always ask for information that will be in your best interest and serve your highest level of good. I interpret what I hear, see and sense to provide you with the messages. Sometimes I will ask you to validate or confirm the information I present. I describe situations and events that have transpired, are currently happening, or are likely to occur given the present situation. As circumstances change, so do the probable outcomes. Working with your personal spiritual team, I provide practical information that can help you understand your situation, so you can make confident decisions about moving forward. Because I draw information from your soul, guides and angels, you may feel like the messages I convey confirm something you already knew on a deeper level. In other cases, the messages may be completely new perspectives and ideas. You will gain insight from members of your spiritual team who love you and are dedicated to your highest good.


“I have been reaching out to Carol for psychic consultations since the death of my beloved partner in 2010. With help from Carol and spiritual guides, I came to understand the meaning of letting go and moving on with my life. I was also able to heal some old childhood wounds thanks to Carol showing me that I could trust that my deceased parents were finally at peace with each other. My faith that all was well with them enabled me to explore new friendships and fresh ideas about my professional development. Carol’s communication with the guides also gave me hope for my future. I have the sense of being watched over and provided for along the way. I cannot thank Carol enough for her excellent service.” – Joni G. Juneau, Alaska

“I honestly did not know what to expect going into my first session, but once Carol identified who my guardian angel is, I was blown away. As she connected me with my angel, I felt a wave of love and protection and sense a clarity from an inkling I had had for many years. Carol was a powerful channel who enabled my angel to send a beautiful message to my family and I that we will now cherish forever. Thanks to Carol, I now feel closer to and communicate with my guardian angel, with a sense of confidence that he is there watching over me.” – Monica, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a client of Carol’s for a few years now and have turned to her expertise time and time again. I have gone to her for both healing and psychic sessions and both methods were equally impactful each time. The thing that I love most about her, besides the fact that she is so accurate, is her delivery. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in or hop on the phone with her. I once brought in a friend that was super nervous about her session and within a minute, she looked over to me and just smiled a smile of relief; that’s Carol for you. You can tell her passion for wanting to help and it is truly pure and genuine. My sessions with her have helped bring so much clarity for me each and every time. I find myself reaching out to Carol in times when I just need to tap in closer to my higher self and get the lowdown. She has not only help me but my friends and family as well. I am so grateful and appreciative of Carol and what she does!” – Inga F., Minnesota

“I’ve been seeing Carol for about 10 years and regard her as a sort of “soul therapist”. I’ve consulted Carol on major life questions and transitions, losses and relationship challenges, both in person and over the phone. I go to her when I need to shift into high gear and not mess around. I’ve seen a variety of intuitives and healers, and Carol is by far the strongest and most accurate with the information she receives. She has a truly compassionate way of relaying information, and tells it like it is in a caring and loving way.” – Sarah A., San Francisco, CA

“Prior to meeting Carol, I had been riddled with new untamed anxiety for several months prior. She was open, honest, and so very warm. She is a true gift! The validation and comfort that I was able to receive in messages from loved ones can never be put into words. I have been able to move forward from my time with Carol with a new appreciation for where I am in my own life, feeling validated and a greater sense of peace in my personal journey.” – Nycole, Los Angeles CA

“I’ve known Carol since 2008 and what a blessing she has been to my journey. Ever since meeting her, she’s been my ‘go to’ for spiritual questions, education and guidance. I continue to work with Carol because she demonstrates incredible integrity, confidence and grace in her work and with her clients. I always feel that she has my best interest and highest good at heart. She is truly a gem and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking honest guidance, clarity and education on their own journey.” – Trisha A., Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve been a client for a year and a half of Carol Lowell and she is absolutely amazing. Her ability to communicate with those who have passed is so directly on point that you immediately feel at ease and like you have finally found someone who can help. I have referred a ton of my friends and clients to her and the verdict is all the same. She has the gift, she is the real deal and she simply has the ability to see and hear through the veil and it’s so refreshing to get clarity on whatever it is your seeking. I can’t say enough, she is simply amazing, and I’m so grateful to have found her.” – Kelsey N., Minneapolis, MN

“A reading from a psychic was nowhere to be seen on my radar screen when I retired in 2000 as CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But in 2009, I started referring to Carol as, “my psychic.” By that time, I had received readings from a half a dozen psychics, but Carol stood out from the rest. I’ve averaged one or two readings a year from Carol for the last eight years. She has been right on target about various areas of my life, has connected to my guides and to hers, and has brought me valuable information about the challenging twists and turns in my life after retirement. Carol, has been immensely helpful to me and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Noel E., Hayward WI

“I have worked with Carol for several psychic sessions, and I am so grateful to her. The information, as well as the positive energy that Carol was able to help me connect to was life changing. After the sessions I was left with an enduring feeling of peace and well being, as well as a deeper connection to myself. I plan to continue to work with Carol in the future.” – LFR, Seattle, WA

“Carol is amazing! She has great energy that is welcoming and warm. I always feel inspired and uplifted after a reading with her. She has helped me thru some tough “life” stuff. Carol is so gifted…connected to the universe/guides/angels! She’s the best!” – Amber D, Rosemount MN

Ghost Clearing

Ghosts are earth-bound spirits that are often troublesome for the owners of a home or other property. There are many reasons why ghosts become stuck on earth. Some are too afraid to cross over, confused or do not even realize they are dead. Others enjoy causing mischief or simply don’t want to leave. During a ghost and energy clearing aka “ghost-busting” session, I work to achieve the following:

  • Help your ghost(s) cross over to the other side
  • Clear and re-balance the energy in your home
  • Improve and enhance the energy flow within your living space

After a ghost-clearing, clients often feel more peaceful, content and at ease in their surroundings. I have successfully cleared hundred’s of spaces with ghosts. However, I do not guarantee that I can help every ghost leave or cross over because all of us, including ghosts, have free will.

What to expect

Each ghost clearing is unique, however, most cases follow a similar pattern. When clearing ghosts from a property, I usually apply the following steps:

  • Walk through the property to locate the ghost or ghosts
  • Communicate with the ghost(s) to learn why they chose not to leave earth
  • Explain that I am available to help them move on and rejoin loved ones on the other side
  • Bring in the spirits of loved ones from the other side to counsel the ghost, if necessary
  • Work with the angels, guides and higher vibrational spirits to help the ghost(s) cross over
  • Clear the space using a variety of smudging tools, a smudging spray, sage or palo santo wood.

“Greatest. Ghostbuster. Ever. Carol needs her own theme song. She helped me with a not so small ghost problem in my bedroom, told me that I have psychic abilities, and is helping me develop them! Her classes have given me the tools to understand and practice my abilities, and as a result, I am no longer afraid of my gift. Carol is very professional and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.” – Yevgenia, St. Paul, MN

“Carol was recommended to me when my daughter began having nightmares every night. She was refusing to sleep in her room, and was very hesitant to even go inside it. Carol helped her right away during the appointment, and the rest is history. I do not trust many people who say they have psychic abilities, but Carol is the real deal. I hire her on a regular basis now to clear the energy in my office and home’s, and I can really feel the difference before and after!” – Faina, St. Paul, MN

“Carol cleared my parents’ house of ghosts. My Grandpa’s ghost was preventing my Grandma’s spirit from crossing over. Carol came in, called for help and my Grandpa was taken to the other side. Then Carol was able to convince my Grandma to move to the other side to a nice peaceful place. It was extraordinary to watch as it happened. When Carol’s guides came in and encouraged my Grandpa to go, there was a huge release of energy that we both felt and heard. It was awesome.” – Jim T., Golden Valley, MN

Hands On Healing

With the assistance of spirit guides, angels and God, I channel healing energy to your body, mind, spirit and soul for your highest good. Healing energy from God passes through my hands and is absorbed into your being where it is needed most: body, mind, spirit or soul.

What to expect

Before your Hands-On-Healing session begins, I ask what you would like to gain from the session, and if you’d like me to address any specific concerns. I will also answer any questions you may have. Next, you lie back on a massage table as I cover you with a light cloth. You remain fully clothed, but I do ask that you remove your shoes. I connect with your spirit guides, my guides and with the healing spirit of God. Then I place my hands above your body and scan it for imbalances or pockets of heavy energy that need to be removed. I release the negative energy, balance your body’s energy centers, and channel healing energy to where it’s needed. Sometimes, I apply light touch to your body. If you prefer that I don’t touch you, the energy works through your energy field (aura) just as effectively. During the healing session, I may relay to you what I am sensing. Some clients prefer that I don’t talk, and they close their eyes and relax or even drift off to sleep. A Hands-On-Healing experience is different for each person. You may feel a tingling sensation, heat, a surge of emotions or become very relaxed. You may sense the presence of spirits or feel nothing at all. After a Hands-On-Healing session, some people report that the discomfort they walked in with has disappeared. Other people may feel lighter or more peaceful, or like an emotional weight has lifted from them. Your hands on healing sessions are not a substitute for care by a medical doctor. The energy healings are intended to be complementary to traditional medicine.

During your Hands-On-Healing session, I may be guided to employ other healing methods, including the following:

Aura Clearing

Everything has an Aura, including people, pets, plants — even stones and crystals! The Aura is an energy field unique to every animate and inanimate thing. It represents and holds the energy of your thoughts, moods, emotions, likes and dislikes. Every day, we deal with many issues, such as judgments, emotions and thoughts (our own and others). Your aura can act like a sponge, indiscriminately soaking up all of these energies and emotions. This results in a feeling of heaviness, irritability, lethargy and general malaise. A Hands-On-Healing session allows the heavy pockets of energy in your aura to be identified and removed leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and balanced.

Chakra Balancing

There are seven major power centers within our physical and subtle body systems, which are known as Chakras (Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”). Each Chakra corresponds with a specific physical, emotional, and mental aspect of your being. If you’re feeling off balance, emotionally disconnected or scattered, your chakra system is probably out of balance, and one or more of your chakras may have become temporarily guarded or blocked. Balancing your chakra system may assist in bringing equanimity back to your physical, mental, and emotional state enhancing your well-being and a strengthening your sense of wholeness.

Cord Removal

We all have energy cords that originate from ourselves and create an energetic connection to friends, family and old and new partners — and they have energy cords connecting back to us. If you feel like you are having a difficult time letting go of a relationship, feeling manipulated, tempted to control others or obsessing about someone, you may need assistance to gently release these energy cords.

Soul Retrieval

Do you feel like something inside of you is missing? It’s common for a person who has experienced great difficulty or trauma, to have a part of their spirit become disheartened and unsure of how to deal with the situation. As a result, it will temporarily detach itself from the physical body. This leaves you feeling lost, lonely or incomplete. With the assistance of your soul, our spirit guides and my psychic abilities we’ll work together to locate and retrieve those detached aspects of yourself. This process allows you to feel more complete with a true feeling of oneness and wellbeing.


“The healing sessions I have had with Carol have made such difference to me and my daughter.  I always feel the energy and feel more balanced and get a huge energy boost from my sessions. Healing sessions with Carol have made a profound difference to me with my health struggles. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts!” – Deb K., Excelsior, MN

“Carol is such a gifted healer! She has helped me multiple times over the past several years, and the healings have always had long-lasting results. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone!” – Ingrida M., Minneapolis, MN

“My fiancé made an appointment for me to see Carol. I was a little reluctant to go, as I come from a big Irish Catholic family where this kind of interaction/therapy was frowned upon, disregarded and considered taboo. But immediately upon meeting Carol she put me at ease. The session was relaxing, healing – and amazing. It was very real, honest and accurate. Carol has a gift that I may not understand, but fully now accept and believe to be true. I will be back to see her again in the future and give the utmost recommendation that others meet with Carol to experience for themselves the power and joy of her gift.” – Ed A., Minnesota

“Carol is an amazingly gifted healer. When I leave after a session it feels as though my mind is clearer and my heart is lighter. I always leave with a sense of feeling blessed and grateful.” – Michelle B., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Carol is an amazing woman that I have had multiple sessions with. I have had readings where she has connected with my family members that have passed as well as helped me to navigate my current life situation with insight and advice. I have also had a hands-on healing session that was beyond calming and enlightening. I would recommend Carol’s services to anyone and everyone!” – Tiana, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve known Carol since 2008 and what a blessing she has been to my journey. She has helped me in many areas of my life ever since meeting her, she’s been my ‘go to’ for spiritual questions, education and guidance and energy healings . I continue to work with Carol because she demonstrates incredible integrity, confidence and grace in her work and with her clients. I always feel that she has my best interest and highest good at heart. She is truly a gem and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking honest guidance, clarity and education on their own journey.” – Trisha A., Las Vegas, NV