Hands-On-Healing Class & Workshop

In this class, I share techniques I’ve learned over the years from my teachers, spirit guides and clients. It also includes opportunities for open Q & A discussion, practice sessions and a calming meditation. Participation is open to beginners wishing to learn as well as advanced students and practitioners. Topics covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Introduction to Hands on Healing and basic technique
  • Aura identification, Clearing, Balancing
  • Cords and cord release
  • Chakra system, understanding their meaning and energy flow
  • Levels of vibration, shifting and release
  • Long distance healing
  • Use of crystals, tones and chimes
  • Ethics and boundaries



“I have taken Carols classes and they are amazing! She is fun and relaxed, which makes for a great learning environment. She is down to earth and warm…all the while giving invaluable information. I have learned so much from her. If Carol has a class I never want to miss it!” – Amber D, Rosemount MN

“I heard about Carol through one of my close friends who had had many healings with Carol. My first experience is when I went to Carol’s “One day Hands on Healing workshop.” Everything Carol discussed in the class resonated with me. Carol opened my mind at just the right time in my life. I will always consider Carol my mentor and have this insatiable desire to learn more and more. Carol’s gift is teaching and planting her seeds of wisdom and I will always be grateful.” – Ann Marie, Plymouth, MN

“To quote a personal inspiration Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” sums up my experience in working with Carol. Through her compassion, empathy and innate abilities she has helped me travel many miles as I unlock my inner soul and tap into an energy far more powerful than what our minds allow us to believe in. She has been an inspiration, a guide, a mentor and so much more as I discover and bring into awareness my own abilities to heal and to live an energetics life. I’m truly grateful for her teaching and her healing and look forward to more miles to be traveled with her as my guide.” – Jean N., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I’ve known Carol for over 10 years now. I’ve received healing, psychic work and taken classes. She’s the real deal and all her work and messaging comes from a source of caring and compassion. One of the best parts about working with her is she is still genuinely tickled and fascinated with her gift and how spirit works through her.” – Peter J – Estes Park, CO

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Carol for over 8 years. I first met her at her at a hands-on-healing class. I highly recommend that class. I’ve also had a past life regression session. This experience is really hard to describe but I saw and felt things I couldn’t possibly have imagined. This session helped me to understand personality traits I carried into this life. Carol can do it all – past life regression, psychic readings, ghost work and intuitive hands on healing. I recommend her services highly!” – Kate G Northfield, MN

“I began working with Carol 15 years ago. I have taken several psychic development classes, healing classes and apprenticed under her expert guidance. Carol has extensive experience in all aspects of metaphysical disciplines. She is naturally connected and has years of training and experience. Her approach is positive and healing to her clients. I am confident in her abilities and cannot think of anyone in this field I would recommend more.” – Jo S., Eden Prairie, MN

Psychic & Medium Mentorship Program
This class is fun, educational and confidence boosting. Participants receive instruction from me in both a group setting as well as individually. Emphasis is placed on enhancing each person’s unique style and building a stronger connection and confidence with the spirit world. Guides, ghosts, angels, séances and mediumship will also be explored. The majority of the class involves extensive practice with me and other participants.
Psychic Development
In this immersive and intensive class, you’re exposed to a variety of topics to help you discover and develop your spiritual gifts, including the following: Intuition, Spirits, Spirit Guides, Angels, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Psychometry, Ghosts, Séance’s, Channeling & Mediumship, Dreams and their interpretation, Death and Dying, The “Other Side”, Reincarnation and Past Life Regression, Aura’s, Astral Projection. Each class begins with an open discussion, a calming meditation, Q & A and a lot of hands on practice of each style of spiritual gifts. All you need is a willingness to learn.
Mediumship Workshop
If you want to develop and refine your skills as a medium this class is a must. Participants receive instruction and mentoring from me in a group setting as well as individually. Emphasis is placed on enhancing your unique abilities and gifts to help you build a stronger connection to the spirit world. Understanding and deciphering the origin of information received. Communication styles are explored to help you gain greater confidence in your spiritual endeavors. The day is brought to a relaxing end with a brief closing meditation.
Medicine Wheel Workshop

The process of making a medicine wheel is really a sacred ceremony that aids you in creating a blessed space where you receive enlightened guidance from spirit. This is a place of honor and respect; co-created through you and spirit.

This is a special ritual of creation that works with father sky, mother earth, spirits of east, south, west and north along with many wonderful spiritual beings of earth and light to help teach you about yourself and your life journey. You’ll be introduced to your power animals and learn how to better utilize their wisdom.

Tools: Four crystals, other stones that “call to you”. Tobacco or cornmeal, rattle or drum, bed sheet or tablecloth (large enough to sit on), notepad and pen.

Group Facilitated Past-Life Regression
Are past lives real? Only you can determine that for yourself. In a quiet, comfortable, small-group setting, I help you achieve a relaxed state of mind through light hypnosis, and then I gently guide you into a past-life (or lives) for your own personal discovery. The intention for this session can be for your highest level of good or to discover the meaning behind certain lifestyle choices, issues or addictions.